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Here you’ll find garden inspiration, recipe ideas
and our best tips for living more sustainably


Define Your Garden with our ‘Hard to Kill’ Collection

Struggle to keep your plants alive? It’s time to let go of that guilt and grow your confidence as a gardener. Be forgiven with our 'Hard to Kill' collection.


Join us in the magic: Christmas is coming at homegrown

Homegrown garden centre is gearing up for a season of Christmas wonder. Our grounds are set to transform into a festive haven. Find out what's on and how to join us here...


10 Luxury Stocking Stuffers: Small Delights for Christmas

This Christmas, elevate your gifting game with some of our ideas for stocking stuffers that promise to add a touch of opulence to the festive season.


Pick your family tree in the snow this Christmas

With a touch of Christmas magic, our winter wonderland gives you the chance to come along with the whole family and pick your tree in the snow this year.


Comfort, Warmth & Elegance: Cosy Winter Textiles for Your Home

As the winter season unfolds, there's a certain magic in creating a haven that embraces the chill outside. Luxurious textures and snug fabrics become more than mere accessories; they transform your living space into a cocoon of comfort and elegance


Introducing the Enchanting Doggy Grotto at Homegrown Garden Centre

Join us on selected dates during December and embrace the festive spirit with your four legged friend by visiting the Doggy Grotto at Homegrown Garden Centre.


Top Tips for an Organic October Garden

As autumn paints the landscape with warm hues and cooler temperatures settle in, October is a crucial time for gardeners to prepare their organic gardens for the changing season.


Planting Autumn Bulbs for a Breakthrough Spring Display

While the garden may be winding down for the year, now is the perfect time to plant bulbs that will burst forth in a riot of color and fragrance come springtime


Embracing Hygge: How to Create a Cozy Autumn Sanctuary

As autumn paints the world in warm hues and the air turns crisp, there's an undeniable allure to creating a sanctuary within our homes. Enter Hygge, a Danish concept that encapsulates the art of coziness, comfort, and contentment.


Transitioning Your Garden: Preparing for Autumn and Winter

As the warm embrace of summer gradually gives way to the crisp breath of autumn, it's time to shift our gardening focus towards preparing for the colder months ahead. Let's dive into the essential steps to ensure your garden's health and vitality as we move into the enchanting but challenging seasons of fall and winter.


Unearthing September’s Hidden Garden Gems: Thriving in the Crisp Autumn Air

In this guide, we'll uncover the hidden gems that not only endure but thrive in the crisp September air, adding a touch of enchantment to your garden


Tips and tricks for creating an eco friendly garden in Scotland

Creating an eco-friendly garden is not only great for the environment but also for the health of your garden.