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Grow Responsibly with our ‘Sustainable Futures’ Collection

Introducing our ‘Sustainable Futures’ Collection

Our ‘Sustainable Futures’ collection is designed to empower you to champion the environment. We believe in nurturing spaces that grow with you and give back to nature. Explore this collection to make a commitment to intentional gardening and join us in our mission to create a greener planet.


Discover Purposeful Gardening

⸰  Peat-Free Shrubs: Our shrubs are grown in 100% peat-free soil. Say goodbye to harmful peat extraction and hello to sustainable greenery for your garden.

⸰  Grown in Ayrshire: Experience the beauty of locally grown plants from the Maitland Family in Ayrshire. Not only will these plants beautify your garden, but they also support local growers and reduce carbon emissions.

⸰  Locally Grown: Support local growers by choosing plants from Craigmarloch Nurseries, established in 1972, just 4 miles away. This directly helps local businesses and reduces your environmental impact.


Why Choose ‘Sustainable Futures’?

⸰  Good for the Environment: Every purchase helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports sustainable growing practices.

⸰  Community Support: Join a community of people who care about sustainability and local businesses.

⸰  Feel Good Factor: Create a garden that reflects your values and helps make the world a better place.


Join us in Recycling Your Plastic Pots

We commit to sustainability in everyday gardening. That’s why we’ve introduced our “Pot Drop” station in the ‘Sustainable Futures’ section. Be sure to bring in any unwanted plastic pots, and we’ll make sure they’re recycled responsibly and ethically. This small step helps to reduce waste and keeps our planet beautiful for generations to come.


Making a Difference for Tomorrow

Ready to transform your garden and make a positive impact? Visit our ‘Sustainable Futures’ collection today and be part of the change. Let’s grow together responsibly. We’re not just here to sell plants – we’re here to build a community of environmentally conscious gardeners who want to do good.


Design Your Garden with Expert Guidance

If you’d like to adopt a more sustainable gardening approach or learn about greener practices, speak to us today. Book a free consultation at our Genius Bar for expert advice on your next gardening project.


An Invitation to Exclusive Rewards

Sign up for free to our Rewards and start enjoying exclusive benefits. From the moment you join, you’ll start enjoying perks, including £5 back for every £100 you spend with us. It’s our way of saying thank you for being part of our community.


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