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Define Your Garden with our ‘Hard to Kill’ Collection

Hard to Kill | Majestic Magnolia

Introducing our ‘Hard to Kill’ Collection

Do you ever feel guilty about not keeping your plants alive? It’s time to let go of that guilt and grow your confidence as a gardener. Meet our ‘Hard to Kill’ collection, the ideal choice if you desire a beautiful garden without stress.

These tough plants are perfect for beginners or for those of you running on a tight schedule. They promise to give your outdoor space beauty and style to make gardening less complicated.


The Secret of Our ‘Hard to Kill’ Plants

So, what makes our ‘Hard to Kill’ collection so special? It’s simple. These plants aren’t too particular about their living conditions, whether you forget to water them or even if they don’t get the perfect amount of sunlight.

These botanicals are tough, forgiving, and can withstand a bit of neglect, making your garden a stress-free experience. They’re perfect for modern gardeners who prefer a fuss-free approach but still want an attractive outdoor space.


Create a Low-Maintenance Garden with Style

Our ‘Hard to Kill‘ collection is all about bringing together evergreen shrubs, drought-tolerant perennials and sturdy flowering plants. These lay the foundation for a garden that’s as easy to care for, as it is beautiful for a plant beginner.

Here’s a peek at the types of ‘Hard to Kill’ plants to choose from:

Japanese Azaleas: Unfazed by location, these garden champions easily fend off pests and diseases.

Rhododendrons: Blooms that go the distance with hardly any effort on your part. Just plant, enjoy the view and repeat.

Alpine Plants: Forgot to water them? No worries. They like it dry and do well even in tough soil.

Euonymus: The definition of a laid-back plant friend, it’s happy in the sun or shade and asks for nothing in return.

Magnolias: Want something majestic without the hard work? Magnolias are your go-to.


Designed for the Modern Gardener

Who says low maintenance is boring? Our ‘Hard to Kill’ collection is all about fitting into your life, not the other way around. We know you’ve got a lot going on, so we’ve chosen plants that won’t add to your to-do list.

Our mission? To provide you with a living space that’s easy to grow, stylish and manageable. We understand the value of your time with plants that promise attractive green spaces. Their purpose is to make the garden stand out without much effort from you.


Build Your Garden with Expert Guidance

Do you need help with creating a stylish low-effort garden? We invite you to book a free consultation at our Genius Bar for advice on your next gardening project. Our plant experts are here to help you keep your garden beautiful in every season.


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