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Aesthetic Focus: Designing with Intention

Aesthetic Focus | A Study in Monochrome

Meet the ‘Aesthetic Focus’ Collection

Want to make your garden look as stylish as your home? Explore our ‘Aesthetic Focus’ collection for a modern look that turns your outdoor space into a desirable destination.

It’s where design takes the lead, turning your outdoor area into a stylish getaway. For anyone who thinks a garden should do more than just ‘green’, this is for you. Let’s make your garden the place everyone wants to be.


Embrace the ‘Aesthetic Focus’ Philosophy

We designed our collection with the idea of slow living and intentional design in mind. Imagine a garden that’s a peaceful escape, showcasing clean lines and calming spots. We’ve chosen each feature to help you design an aesthetic experience that invites you to unwind.


Design with Purpose

Your garden is a blank canvas awaiting your creative vision. Whether it’s a social space or a private corner for reflection, let the ‘Aesthetic Focus’ collection guide you.

⸰ Consider your space: See the potential in your space’s size and shape. It’s the foundation for your masterpiece.

⸰ Define its purpose: What’s your garden’s role? A space for gatherings, a quiet morning spot or a play on textures and light?

⸰ Aesthetic choices: Opt for a few select focal points. Think structural plants, eye-catching sculptures or modern furniture that speaks volumes in simplicity.


Choose Plants that Make a Statement

Here’s our carefully selected plants that promise to deliver style and sophistication:

Festuca Intense Blue: Brings persistent colour to your space.

Phormiums: Creates bold textures effortlessly.

Stipa Ponytails: Brings graceful movement.

Fatsia Spiders Web: Eye-catching leaves with a unique pattern.

⸰ Fatsia Green: Lush greenery for a vibrant feel.


We don’t just pick these plants for their appearance — they’re durable, adaptable and ideal for a busy lifestyle.


Stylish yet Sensible Furniture

Your garden should tell a story, with every piece adding to the narrative. Our selection of modern pots and statues spark conversations, designed to endure weather conditions and stay timeless.

Garden furniture pieces should do more than just serve a practical purpose. They shape the appearance of your outdoor living area, defining indoor luxury with outdoor resilience.


Your Modern Garden Awaits

With the ‘Aesthetic Focus’ collection, you’re not just planting a garden – you’re creating an experience. It’s a minimalist approach to outdoor design that doesn’t compromise on luxury or comfort.

It’s for those who want their garden to match their modern style, a space that’s as refined as they are. It’s time to design that contemporary spot you’ve always dreamed of, right outside your door.


Design Your Garden with Expert Guidance

Need help with creating a modern garden space? We invite you to book a free consultation at our Genius Bar for advice on your next gardening project. Our experts are here to help you keep your garden beautiful in every season.


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