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Natural Garden: Easy ‘Edibles and Wildlife’ Collection

Edibles & Wildlife | Apple Harvest

Introducing our ‘Edibles & Wildlife Collection’

Ever wished for a garden that feeds you and welcomes nature? Then you’re in the right place. Say hello to our ‘Edibles & Wildlife’ collection. Here we celebrate the joys of gardening that replenish you and the local wildlife.

You don’t need to be an expert to start your edible garden. Our collection is beginner-friendly and filled with plants that are both delicious and attractive to wildlife. They’re perfect for bringing joy and life to your everyday.


The Joy of Wildlife & Edible Gardening

What’s the secret ingredient to our collection? It includes edible plants that are easy to care for and support local wildlife. You’ll find everything from tasty fruits to plants that attract birds and bees, all chosen for their low maintenance and resilience.

Here are some delicious gems we think you’ll love:

Blueberry Bush: Indulge in the sweetness from your patch.

Rosemary Herbs: Pluck fresh herbs for your cooking.

Lavender Herb: Admire the beauty and breathe in the calming scent.

Patio Apple Tree: Even with limited space, you can harvest your apples.

Plum Tree: Bite into succulent plums from your tree.


Explore Kitchen Edibles

Growing your own food is rewarding, no matter how much space you have. You can start small with herbs in your kitchen or move to a space outside. Start by exploring our collection and discover the simple joy of growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in your own garden.

You’ll see your garden transform into a feast for your table and support local wildlife. It’s a win-win situation: fresh flavours for you and support for nature.


Inviting Wildlife to Your Space

To attract a variety of wildlife to your garden, focus on planting native species, setting up bird feeders or installing a small water feature like a bird bath.

These steps create a welcoming environment for birds, bees, butterflies and other garden creatures. These small changes not only breathe life into your garden but build a connection and offer a simple way to connect with nature.


Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

Creating an edible garden that also attracts wildlife turns your outdoor space into an area of endless exploration. It provides fresh tastes for your meals, lessons in nature and a calm escape from the everyday.

Supporting wildlife enhances your garden’s health and promotes sustainable living. By growing your own food, you cut down your carbon footprint and help the local environment. This approach makes connecting with nature easy and shapes the way for a greener future.


Transform Your Space Today

Take a look at our ‘Edibles & Wildlife’ collection and make the first step towards creating a delicious and sustainable outdoor space.

We believe in making gardening accessible, enjoyable and rewarding without the need for extensive knowledge or space. Join us in supporting edible gardening and wildlife conservation, one plant at a time.


Design Your Garden with Expert Guidance

If you need guidance on growing kitchen edibles or attracting wildlife to your garden, our team of experts is here to help. Book a free consultation at our Genius Bar for expert advice on your next gardening project


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