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Enjoy 10% off bedding plants at homegrown in May

It’s the perfect time for styling your hanging baskets and flower beds with blooms that catch the eye and scents that stay with you.

Here are our top 5 picks this spring, as well as details on how you can claim your 10% off throughout May*


One of the best performing bedding plants for Scotland. More commonly used in autumn and winter arrangements as they flower prolifically during these months. Pansies produce a mass of large flowering faces and if dead headed will flower right through the spring and summer. They will keep your garden bright even in cooler weather. They grow well and fill up spaces easily, making your garden feel welcoming when it’s colder.


These are prized for their vibrant, trumpet shaped flowers and trailing (surfinia) or mounding growth. These come in a huge range of colours and generally very vibrant colours – our favourite is white. They make great fillers in hanging baskets or in garden borders. They are simple to look after and quick to grow, petunias spread fast and create big, beautiful displays that are easy to enjoy and maintain.

White Petunia

Non stop Begonias 

The most robust bedding plant for Scottish weather. These grow well in moist and dry soils. They also perform in full sun or partial shade. Our favourites are the Mocha varieties which have a dark Mocha foliage which really highlights the flower colours. They are very adaptable and keep blooming with little care. They’re ideal for gardeners who want a beautiful garden with minimal effort.

Lobelia Bush and trailing

A classic and beloved annual of West Coast gardens. These produce delicate cascading blooms and come in a variety of colours from blue, white and purple. Hanging gracefully from baskets and boxes, lobelia brings a gentle look to higher areas. Its flowing shape is perfect for adding vertical beauty. They also make incredible spillers on the edge of hanging baskets – simply, not one to miss.

Bacopa Snowflake 

This incredible trailing annual plant flowers from May until the first frosts in autumn/winter. It produces a mass of white flowers (also available in blue and pink) which cascade over the edge of hanging baskets. Bacopa likes to be kept moist so watering is essential.

Non Stop Begonia

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